[DRBD-user] the timing of restarting thread

Junko IKEDA tsukishima.ha at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 14:55:53 CEST 2010

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> If sockets fail in some detectable (by tcp) fashion,
> (RST, icmp unreachable or similar),
> both sockets are dropped.
> Replication is only reestablished once both sockets
> have successfully be reestablished.
> If sockets fail in some "strange" way (no RST, no icmp,
> just a black hole), periodic in-protocol DRBD Ping packets
> (on the meta socket) would no longer be answered,
> again both sockets are dropped.
> If meta data socket is still ok (DRBD Pings are still answered in a
> timely fashion), but there is no progress on the data socket,
> read about ko-count.

Thanks for your classification, I could make myself clear.
What I want to find out is the third case!

I set ko-count to 1, but it didn't work, it means DRBD did nothing,
there was no syslog message about ko-count...
I think my setup might be still wrong so I will try again.


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