[DRBD-user] Using DRBD to migrate a linux server to a different machine

ServerAlex serveralex at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 21:50:41 CEST 2010

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an easy way to migrate a linux physical server to a
vmware server without big interruptions.
Unfortunatly I don't have DRBD running on the physical machine yet,
but I want to setup it on a block device that contains the root
filesystem with meta-disk = ramdrive. Is it possible to do that
without unmouting the filesystem (lvm+ext3)?
The target is just to replicate the data to the new server, so I can
shutdown the old one and boot the new one afterwards with almost no
VMware vCenter Converter doesn't seem to support this. It just copies
the disk with no respect to modifications that occured while the
migration process is running, which is bad.

Can I do that with DRBD, and if possible, how?
If not, are there any other common ways to archive that?


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