[DRBD-user] syncing problem after node reinstall

Tue Jul 6 07:32:25 CEST 2010

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Hello again,

The crash was due to a failure of OS files, and of course, we got no
backup for that server :)

Node01 (the one that did not fail) : Version: 8.0.12 (api:86)
Node02 (the one that failed) : Version: 8.0.14 (api:86)

Node01 is Gentoo 2.6.24, so drbd was get with emerge
Node02 is debian 5.0.5 - 2.6.26 (our management decided to change OS
standard ...), so drbd was get with apt-get

I thought of installing the latest source version, but since it has
worked with these versions, I would have prefer to get it working again
without upgrading the version. 
I will upgrade version if nothing can be done to fix the syncing.

Eulaerts Gregory

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On Mon, Jul 05, 2010 at 04:48:51PM +0200, Eulaerts Gregory wrote:
> Hello,
> We got a crash of one node of our two-nodes-DRBD setup.

Any more specifics on that crash? DRBD related?

> I am trying to resync the crashed one, and can't seem to get it

And your DRBD version is?
And you got that pached version from?

The later question is based on an educated guess, only.

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