[DRBD-user] Application optimization as per drbd.conf

KapilKumar.Jain at Emerson.com KapilKumar.Jain at Emerson.com
Wed Jan 27 06:52:58 CET 2010

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1. How the application should be designed to take maximum advantage of

          - Quantity & type of write activity (burst Vs small amounts),
frequency of access (read & write), etc 

          - Optimal drbd configuration parameters (/etc/drbd.conf) based
on above information.  

2. Any caveats that the application must be aware of handle on its own.

          - Failure scenarios 

          - Time delay in the drbd partition to be available to the
application due to e2fsck, sync delays, etc once the ACTIVE role
assignment has happened.  





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