[DRBD-user] about hard disks on 2 failover nodes

Dam Thanh Tung tungdt at isds.vn
Sat Jan 16 08:52:04 CET 2010

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Hi list

I'm using drbd to synchronize data between 2 storage servers, quite well. On
each node, we using raid 5 array with the same capacity, but for now, for
some reason, we must change raid array on one node ( call it node A ) by
bigger one, I mean raid array capacity in node A > node B. So could you
please tell me that:

- Can i continue using drbd with my new disks ( raid array ) ? is it safely
anymore ?
- When i using node B ( which has smaller capacity raid array ) as a sync
source, will data in node B be lost or damage somehow ?

Any help would be highly appreciated

Best regards
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