[DRBD-user] DRBD LVM question

Peter Beck peter at datentraeger.li
Tue Dec 28 14:38:50 CET 2010

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Hi Bart, (and all the others :),

thanks for your help. I've made a testconfig and it seems
to work. Is there any error in my config or procedure ?

resource my-res { 
    protocol C;
syncer { rate 100M; }
    on host1 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/existinglv
meta-disk internal;
    on host2 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/existinglv;
meta-disk internal;

On Host1:
resize existing LV for metadata:
lvextend -L+32m /dev/existinglv

create metadata:
drbdadm create-md my-res

force it (the lv with existing data) to be primary:
drbdadm -- --overwrite-data-of-peer primary all

On Host2:
First I need to create a volume group with exactly 
the same size as on Host1.

Then I'll copy the drbd config to the second host
and create the metadata on host2:
drbdadm create-md my-res

Now I just do 
drbdadm adjust all 
on both hosts and it seems to work.

If I want to resize one of the LVs I'll just follow
this manuel and it should be fine ?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards

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