[DRBD-user] DRBD LVM question

Bart Coninckx bart.coninckx at telenet.be
Tue Dec 28 12:53:25 CET 2010

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On Tuesday 28 December 2010 11:24:09 Peter Beck wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have two hosts (debian squeeze amd64) each with two disks (raid1 with
> mdadm) and lvm for their partitions. I'm planning to use DRBD between
> these hosts.
> There is a good advice about using existing lvs here on the mailinglist:
> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2009-February/011464.html
> But there are still some open questions:
> For each (existing) LV to replicate I have to use a dedicated metadisk,
> is that correct ? Or can I use the same metadisk LV as for the first
> LV ? I'm planning to create a new LV for the meta-data as it is
> described in the mail above.
> Or should I use drbd for the whole raid on the disk ? What are the pros
> and cons between using just LVs or using the whole disk ?
> Thanks and regards
> Peter
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Hi Peter,

as I understand it, the major advantage of using LVM as a backing device for 
DRBD is that it makes resizing the DRBD resources much easier when the 
metadata is internal. When it's stored externally, it does not seem to be an 
Also, if you want to use an existing LVM, it's easy to resize this (if you 
have space left in the VG) to accomodate the metadata for the "transformation" 
to DRBD.

Hope this helps,


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