[DRBD-user] Renewing a drbd cluster (2 nodes)

Marc Richter drbd at zoosau.de
Mon Dec 20 17:30:44 CET 2010

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Hi there,

I'm currently running a 2-node-cluster, running Ubuntu 8.04 and drbd. We
bought faster hardware and installed this new nodes with Ubuntu 10.04 .

The two old nodes are currently under heavy load, so we'd like to have
the downtime as short as possible.
The last time we synced the data with rsync (~700 GB with many small
files) even a differential rsync took round about two hours, because it
took very long to have rsync generated it's indexes.

Also, connecting one new node to the primary is very expensive, since a
full rebuild drags the performance down in a way we can't realize in
order to keep the served services up and running.

So our plan was :

Disconnect the secondary (old) live - node.
Connect this node to one of the new ones and wait until the main -
resync is done.
Connect the synced new node to the primary to have only the changed data
re-synced and wait until this is done.
Raise the new node to be primary.
Disconnect the former primary.
Connect the second new node to the now disconnected old primary and
again, wait until they have done the initial sync.
Connect the seocond new node to the already live new node and be done.

Sounds quite complicated but seems to be the best way when you want to
keep the service up as good as possible to us.

This plan is working great through point 2). The former secondary syncs
everything to the new node, but when we try to reconnect it to the old
primary, it isn't working.

The Logs complain something about: http://pastebin.com/AKthcx7b

So - a classical : Split brain :P

Can somebody tell me:

Do you think that plan is ok?
Why does a split brain happen here?
How to do it right then? (Without having to get EVERYTHING from the live

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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