[DRBD-user] Understanding degr-wfc-timeout

J. Ryan Earl oss at jryanearl.us
Thu Dec 2 20:36:25 CET 2010

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On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Andrew Gideon <ag928272 at gideon.org> wrote:

> I've nodes 0 and 1.  I stopped drbd service on node 1 and then node 0.  I
> started drbd service on node 1.  Should this use degr-wfc-timeout or wfc-
> timeout?

degr-wfc-timeout = how many seconds to wait for connection after the cluster
was in degraded status.   If you "gracefully" stop DRBD on one node, it's
not "degraded."  Degraded is from like a non-graceful separation due to a
crash, power-outage, network issue, etc where one end detects the other is
gone instead of being told to gracefully close connection between nodes.

So think of degr-wfc-timeout as how long you wait for the other node knowing
that the other node had an exceptional disconnection event.  wfc-timeout is
used when you expect both nodes should work as they weren't previously
disconnected through an exceptional event.

At least that's my understanding.

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