[DRBD-user] Support for devices greater than 16Tbyte

Ballard, Justin jballar4 at UTNet.UToledo.Edu
Tue Apr 13 22:29:15 CEST 2010

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On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Ballard, Justin <jballar4 at utnet.utoledo.edu
> wrote:

>  Greetings all,
> I thought it might be worth asking one more time, just in case. :) Is there
> any estimated time line for when devices greater than 16TB will be
> supported?

I expect you've already gotten to this, but FWIW: I simply divided the
underlying device into multiple partitions that were less than 16TB
(actually about 12TB each), set them each of those smaller partitions up as
a drbd device, and then made each of those drbd devices an LVM physical
volume within a single volume group.  That worked just fine.

It does make the heartbeat/pacemaker setup a little more complicated, but
only a little.

 As for a timeline for >16TB support, I don't have any idea.

- Ian

Thank you for your response.  That is indeed the plan for now.  If support for 16TB is around the corner (The roadmap says 8.3), it would be nice to have the slightly less complicated heartbeat setup just to keep things simple.

Thanks again,

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