[DRBD-user] DRBD's messages displayed on console

Masanori KAMISHIMA kamishima at vips.co.jp
Thu Apr 8 15:46:25 CEST 2010

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Hello, Everybody.

I post to this ML for the first time.

We are developping application software (for Network Management) on DRBD,
Heartbeat and Pacemaker.
Usually the system works well, but infrequently linux freezes when
Filesystem(OCF Script) unmounts DRDB device(/dev/drbd0) in process of
I don't know not yet this problem is caused by DRBD or other software or
I wonder the following messages are always displayed on console, when system
is shutdowned.

block drbd0: short read expecting header on sock : r=-512
block drbd0: State change failed: Disk state is lower than outdated
block drbd0:    state = { cs:StandAlone ro:Secondary/Unknown
ds:Diskless/DUnknown r--- }
block drbd0:  wanted = { cs:StandAlone ro:Secondary/Unknown
ds:Outdated/DUnknown r--- }

And I always see the following messages on cosole when system starts.

block drbd0: Barriers not supported on meta data device - disabling
block drbd0: write: error=-95 s=127056s

Do these messages mean any error occurs in DRBD?

Server : DELL PowerEdge R300 (2None Cluster)
OS : Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4.6
Kernel : 2.6.9
DRBD : 8.3.5
Heartbeat : 3.0.0
Pacemaker : 1.0.5

Thank you.

Masanori Kamishima

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