[DRBD-user] Master-Master Failover

Pieter Steyn pieterste at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 10:15:09 CEST 2009

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Hi guys,

I have setup a two node master-master drbd setup using GFS2, and I'm
doing some testing and want some advice please.

When I reset / power down one of the masters, how can I make the
surviving member go into off-line mode so that I can still access the
Is this is a feature of drbd or do I need to configure heartbeat or
something to do 'drbdadm offline r0' after a few ping failures?

I'd also like for drbd to go back into Master mode when the other node
has returned.

My plan is to use Master-Master replication for load balancing
apache2, and in case of one drbd failure I'd still like to be able to
read/write on the surviving node.

I noticed that an older version of drbd has a on-disconnect
stand_alone option, but this is gone in 8.3.0.

Thank you,
Pieter Steyn

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