[DRBD-user] BUG? Oops: kernel NULL pointer dereference in drbd_connector_callback

Dimitrij Hilt dimitrij.hilt at fhe3.com
Thu Oct 29 20:10:42 CET 2009

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Philipp Reisner schrieb:
> On Thursday 29 October 2009 14:30:34 Dimitrij Hilt wrote:
>> Lars Ellenberg schrieb:
>>> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 02:43:52PM +0200, Robert Dahlem wrote:
>>>> On 19.10.2009 11:51, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>>>>>>> I'm trying to install DRBD on top of Linux
>>>>>>> When trying to start DRBD I get an Oops:
>>>>> Did it even occur to you that you could also try the "usual"
>>>>> out-of tree module build?
>>>> Sorry, but no, that didn't occur to me. I used the kernel-patch method
>>>> since 0.7 and always preferred it, because there are two drawbacks with
>>>> the "usual" method:
>>>> 1.) If you prepare your system for a new kernel version you need to
>>>> remember a special depmod command to prevent ending up with "modprobe:
>>>> FATAL: Module drbd not found" after a reboot:
>>>> 	depmod -ae `cat /usr/src/linux/include/config/kernel.release`
>>>> That was not needed with the kernel-patch method.
>>>> 2.) If you have a running system and recompile/reinstall your kernel,
>>>> after "make modules_install" the drbd module is gone. You always need to
>>>> remember to change to the drbd directory and do "make install" again.
>>> So you alwasy roll your own kernel.  Ok.
>>> I think "most" use a distro kernel, and most distros solve those
>>> problems with package management, dependencies and trigger scripts,
>>> maybe a system like dkms and possibly a lazy depmod during boot.
>> Same problem here with Debian, Kernel 2.6.30-bpo.1-amd64 from
>> backports.org and DRBD-8.3.5. DRBD was build as modules source an
>> compiled as Module for this kernel. Server was running 8.3.0 a long time
>> without any problems. After update if drbd starts we get anytime a
>> kernel Oops:
> Please see here:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=552439
Patch from this bug does not works for me. But after i'v removed


i'v compiled DBRD and installed it. No problems more with drbd_connector_callback.

Many thanks for quick response!


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