[DRBD-user] BUG? Oops: kernel NULL pointer dereference in drbd_connector_callback

Stef Morrell stef at aoc-uk.com
Mon Oct 19 13:47:42 CEST 2009

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> pointerdereference in drbd_connector_callback
> > Did it even occur to you that you could also try the "usual"
> > out-of tree module build? I really regret that I created that 
> > "kernel-patch" make target in the first place.
> > You are not supposed to do that.
> I have removed the relevant section from the User's Guide. 
> Maybe this will keep people from attempting this in the 
> future. Please build the module, don't patch the kernel.
> http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-build-from-source.html#s-bui
> ld-compile-kernel-module

In fairness, this is why I have been using it, faithfully following
documentation. Probably indeed best to remove it.

To the OP, if you build the module against the running kernel ("Building
DRBD for the currently-running kernel") that should set up the necessary
changes in config for the source to match properly with your kernel
version. You can then skip installing the module and make a kernel patch
with the make KDIR=/blah/linux kernel-patch and it will likely work

Failing that, you will have to use drbd driver as a module, rather than
compiled in directly.



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