[DRBD-user] split-brain after trying to verify?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Oct 23 13:21:49 CEST 2009

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Yesterday I installed drbd for the first time, to see
how it works.  And almost immediately come across a
problem where I don't see an immediate solution.

I followed the howto, built a resource, syncronized
it, created a filesystem on it, switched roles
(pri/sec) between two hosts, made it primary on
two nodes, did some writes etc.  So far so good,
it all worked just fine.

Next, I added "verify-alg sha1;" on both sides
and ran `drbdadm adjust' on both nodes.  Next
I ran 'drbdadm verify'.

There was no activity on the resource during
this time (between editing and running verify,
at least).

Now, drbd declared a split-brain situation,
and refuses to work.

I've no idea where the split-brain come from,
since the content should be identical on both
sides, and verify should've prove it.

I also don't have an idea what to do next, ie,
how to resolve the "conflict".  Restarting stuff
does not help.

Since I don't have any data on the volume yet,
it's ok to just throw it away.  But I'd better
learn how to deal with this situation because
if it were happened with real data, throwing
it away isn't an option ;)  And re-creating
the resource does not sound right either.

Note that I'm a newbie with drbd still... ;)

And oh, almost forgot...  It's drbd-8.3.3,
module built from current git (it says it's
8.3.3rc2), kernel on both
ends, userspace is 32bit.




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