[DRBD-user] drbd + 10gig network

Mike Lovell mike at dev-zero.net
Fri Nov 20 18:01:20 CET 2009

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Mike Lovell wrote:
> Mike Lovell wrote:
>> Igor Neves wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Are you still using software raid?
>>> Have you tryed out using hardware raid?
>>> The only time i had tryed out drbd with mdraid, well let's say, i 
>>> never will try that again, from now on, we only use areca raid 
>>> cards. Anyway, software raid it's slow, if you want to do this 
>>> thing, buy raid controllers, the best ones are areca, 3ware and lsi 
>>> it's bad, don't know all the others.
>>> Cheers,
>>> On 10/23/2009 10:40 PM, Mike Lovell wrote:
>>>> exaggerated the problem. when the sync hangs, the drbd module is 
>>>> almost completely unresponsive. i tried doing a pause-sync and then 
>>>> resume-sync thinking that it would nudge the module into working 
>>>> but the commands timeout on talking to the module. i can still cat 
>>>> /proc/drbd but that is about it until i take down the network 
>>>> interface and drbd detects the network change. if i then bring back 
>>>> up the interface, drbd detects it can talk again but then only 
>>>> syncs a couple of megabytes before stalling again. i have tried 
>>>> every way i can think of to check the integrity of the network link 
>>>> between the hosts and everything says they are fine except for 
>>>> during a ping flood there will be a few out of a couple h
>> yes, i am using software raid. i guess i didn't try changing that 
>> during my hardware changes. i'll see if i can scrounge up some raid 
>> controllers to test this with.
> i got a hold of a few 3ware controllers and used these for the disk 
> array instead of the software raid. unfortunately, it still broke.

after much more experimentation and buying new hardware, i got a things 
working. i did eventually try doing this on the hardware i had using 
opensuse 11.2 and centos 5.4. same problems. luckily, i was able to 
convince my boss to let me buy some new 10 gig nics cause those are the 
only thing that didn't change. i ordered some cards from chelsio (pcie, 
dual port cx4) and just got them on wednesday. put them in, configure 
them, and start syncing. never hiccuped. so, i guess for anyone else 
wanting to try this, avoid using 10gig pcie intel nics.


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