[DRBD-user] please don't mix different drbd series ubuntu

Scott Inderlied scott at northwestcomputer.biz
Wed Nov 18 01:45:26 CET 2009

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I'm running ubuntu 8.04 server and i installed drbd from the official repos
i have through my contract. I've taken great care to specify the correct
drbd-module kernel version and the drbd8 utils. I've uninstalled and
resinstalled, yet i continue to receive this:

DRBD module version: 8.0.11
   userland version: 8.3.5
please don't mix different DRBD series.

drbd8-module-2.6.24-24-server/hardy uptodate 2:8.3.5-0+2.6.24-24.53
drbd8-utils/hardy uptodate 2:8.3.5-0


Scott Inderlied
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