[DRBD-user] Citrix XenServer and DRBD/heartbeat

Ivars Strazdiņš ivars.strazdins at gmail.com
Tue May 19 11:36:24 CEST 2009

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Ingmar wrote:
> Hello, 
> has anyone ever tried on the free Citrix XenServer (5.x) DRBD and Heartbeat to 
> install? 
> Because the XenServer my knowledge is based entirely on CentOS, it might be 
> possible, or. 
> Because he is now fully free of charge and is guaranteed a very optimized 
> system for Xen, it would be easier and guarantees better than a completely 
> manually installed CentOS with Xen. I lack only the high-availability and 
> DRBD ... Therefore the idea to install it manually. 
Well, after some fiddling it _is_ possible to compile and install drbd 
(last time I checked XenServer installation disk (v5.0U3) was out of 
sync with so called DDK, they have different kernel sources, you have to 
find the right kernel source rpm first).
BUT - XenServer and "regular" Xen have different command names (let's 
start with xe on XenServer vs xm in Xen) breaking all Heartbeat resource 
Maybe I just have overlooked something or too stupid to fix this, any 
suggestions welcome.


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