[DRBD-user] conundrum

Scott Inderlied scott at northwestcomputer.biz
Sun Jun 28 13:10:39 CEST 2009

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Ok.if I set everything up using the git snapshot, will there be any
difficulty upgrading to the stable release when it arrives? As far as
comfort level goes i'm constantly learning and implementing new
technologies, etc for my clients. When one becomes too comfortable with a
methodology and won't expand or evolve with innovation then they're left
behind. I try to target the balance between leading-edge and reliability. 
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I think what Ante meant is that the git image has just ask much risk as the
RC2 but just with one extra patch :P

If you're factoring in risk already I suggest you go with what makes you
more comfortable (or what you have worked with before)

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Scott Inderlied
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How much risk does this entail? Is the git image stable enough for
production use?

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> Scott Inderlied wrote:
> > I'm not concerned about whether it will work or not as is. I'd simply
> > to take advantage of an advancement if advantages accrue. For me it's
> > more of a question of the difficulty upgrading later may pose. If I
> > now with the latest stable DRBD and heartbeat2 and wish to upgrade
> > in the future, will this present great difficulties? I may not want to
> > upgrade with this new release, but probably will at some point (v. 9
> > perhaps), and I wish to avoid as many problems as I can which could
> > in downtime.
> Since heartbeat2 isn't being developed any more and is, practically,
> being replaced with pacemaker, I'd suggest using pacemaker+openais and
> latest git snapshot of drbd8. git snapshot has only one patch against
> 8.3.2rc2.

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