[DRBD-user] conundrum

Scott Inderlied scott at northwestcomputer.biz
Sun Jun 28 09:23:38 CEST 2009

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I'm not concerned about whether it will work or not as is. I'd simply like
to take advantage of an advancement if advantages accrue. For me it's really
more of a question of the difficulty upgrading later may pose. If I install
now with the latest stable DRBD and heartbeat2 and wish to upgrade sometime
in the future, will this present great difficulties? I may not want to
upgrade with this new release, but probably will at some point (v. 9
perhaps), and I wish to avoid as many problems as I can which could result
in downtime.

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> What would you have done if 8.3.2 hadn't been announced? Would you be
> concerned that things wouldn't work the way you want, or would you have
> implemented DRBD anyway?
> I've been in similar situations before. It's all too easy to convince
> yourself that the latest, changed, version will be superior to the current
> version. If it is, you can always plan an upgrade, but what if it's not?
> If it were me, I'd go with the original plans unless there is a very good
> reason not too.
> Keith
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