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Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Tue Jul 28 13:04:18 CEST 2009

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On Tue, 2009-07-28 at 07:46 -0300, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Hi
> thanks for reply
> this what I do, actually..
> My doubt is why when I create some files on node-2, when drbd device
> turn back to primary node, the file do not appear.????
> I use heartbeat as well...And I do not mount the drbd device at the same
> time in two hosts...
> The drbd device is only mounted in secondary hosts, when primary hosts
> has fail...
> So, the heartbeat on secondary host, mount the right drbd device for
> me...
> Then I go to partition where drbd device is mount and create some
> files...
> Then, when the primary node back, the heartbeat mount drbd device
> again... But all files that I create when drbd device is mounted on
> secondary hosts, is not there...
> WHY!!!

This suggests that you do not have a valid DRBD pair.

Ensure the following is true (assuming your resource is called "r0":

On the "Master" server:

# /sbin/service drbd status | grep r0
0:r0   Connected  Primary/Secondary  UpToDate/UpToDate  C  /shared  ext3

On the "Slave" server:
# /sbin/service drbd status | grep r0
0:r0   Connected  Secondary/Primary  UpToDate/UpToDate  C

Note that only one device is marked as "Primary" and that the filesystem
is only mounted on one node.


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