[DRBD-user] "full sync required" after connectivity issues

Adam Wilbraham adam.wilbraham at technophobia.com
Mon Jul 20 17:29:22 CEST 2009

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This morning I've discovered that a stacked device I set up and synced 
late last week for testing the concept of off site syncing had been 
flagged in the logs as "kernel: [47748966.168000] drbd35: Writing the 
whole bitmap, full sync required after drbd_sync_handshake." after we 
had some connectivity issues this morning. Googling for similar has 
produced only one useful thread "one of drbd disk need full resync after 
reboot" from this list, which appears to have been a race condition bug 
which may been fixed in recent code.

What I'm wondering is whether I may have experienced the same bug, and 
if not what the valid reasons are for a full resync being kicked off - 
are the connectivity issues between here and our DR site likely to cause 
such an issue? There would have been hardly any data changing on this 
device over the course of the weekend - it was just a Xen VM that was 
doing nothing other than ticking over. Our off site connection can be a 
little be flaky at times so I'm hoping that this wasn't the reason for 
having to do a full resync. It suddenly becomes a lot of data to resync 
if that issue scales along all 30 or so domUs we run.


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