[DRBD-user] Migrate data to bigger disks

Heiko Petzsch petzsch at gts-systems.de
Wed Feb 25 09:50:19 CET 2009

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I hope that my question isn't too stupid, but I searched the documentation and couldn't find 
an answer...

I've been running DRBD 0.7.18 on a production system for a bit more than two years now, 
and everything has worked fine. Now we need to increase disk space, from 250 GB on each 
node to 1500 GB.

I thought that I could simply replace my disk on node 2, let DRDB care about synchronization 
of the data, then switch primary and secondary node, and replace the disk on node 1. This 
fails already within the first step, after replacing the disk DRDB complains: "Meta device too 

What is the recommended procedure to migrate data to larger disks ?

Any pointers to the corresponding documentation would be appreciated too, obviously !

Best regards


Heiko Petzsch
GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH
D-52134 Herzogenrath

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