[DRBD-user] Can DRBD 8 synchronise SDA1?

Bluntknife paul_rawlinson at msn.com
Sat Feb 7 16:47:05 CET 2009

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On Sat, 7 Feb 2009 05:54:47 -0800 (PST)
Bluntknife <paul_rawlinson at msn.com> wrote:

> I currently have 2 Ubuntu 8.10 servers and have successfully
> installed and configured DRBD and a drbd.conf file...I think.  The
> service runs and when I type the cmd "drbdadm up r0" I see a
> connection between the 2 servers stating that the DRBD connection is
> established. The problem is the connection drops almost straight away
> and I think it's because I am trying to synchronise my SDA1 partition.
> I want my secondary server to be an exact clone of the primary and I
> thought I could use DRBD for this.  
> Should it be possible to synchronise my primary partition (the boot
> and system files)?

>You can't 'mirror' partitions that's mounted. You have to create drbd
>on top of /dev/sda1 and then create filesystem on /dev/drbdX and
>mount /dev/drbdX, not /dev/sda1. Think of it as mdadm or lvm, where you
>have to use upper level (/dev/mdX or /dev/mapper/X-Y). It's the same
>logic, only here you have to use /dev/drbdX

Sorry if you have received multiple emails from this thread.  I think I
clicked reply directly to you Ante rather than just reply.


I think I understand what you are saying but I don't know where to go from
Will I have to rebuild my servers because the filesystem has already been
installed to the 
lower level sda1 partition?
Or can the upper level partition be created on top off my existing sda1
partition, preserving the server's files in order to be able to replicate

Many thanks (and sorry again if you did receive multiple replies from this
post Ante)

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