[DRBD-user] DRBD on Debian

Ashwin ashwin.wadhwa at cyquator.com
Thu Dec 31 17:11:25 CET 2009

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Dear All,

Im new to DRBD and found very handy to be used at our end.

But while I had a walk over it im a bit confused, im not able to configure
it properly and dint find much about it on net, so thought of finding out
something here.

Can anyone help me with detailed setup of DRBD over Debian lenny 5.x with 2
no's nodes.

1) How to create the partitions
2) How to setup DRBD
3) How to configure it
4) How to get it working with heartbeat
5) How to create partitions after installing the system with LVM for
6) And any other help would be grateful to you people out there.

Ashwin K Wadhwa 
ashwin.wadhwa at cyquator.esselgroup.com	
Cyquator Technologies 
An under taking of 
Pan India Network Infravest Pvt Ltd. 
An Essel Group Enterprise 	

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