[DRBD-user] Help with split brain / recovery system

robert mena robert.mena at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 18:03:20 CET 2009

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I had a problem with my node0 and for some reason node1 was not in sync so I
'lost' almost a week of data.   My users are using the node1 now so I have
to re-sync things

The node0 disks are ok but the problem is with the system itself. So I am
planning on doing this:

a) take the disks from the node0 and physically add in a new working OS
b) try to mount the drbd devices locally (forcing it to be primary)
c) rsync the data from the drbd devices (from the node0 disks) to the node1
d) tell node0 to be secondary (so all the changes in node1 are going to be
replicated to node0)

So I'd like to know if this approach is a recommended one and if this is the
case help with the step b.  I do not want the the new system actually tries
to connect to node1 until it is done with the rsync.

Nice way of having a new year's eve :(
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