[DRBD-user] Request about gis

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Wed Dec 16 13:32:35 CET 2009

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I read about the gis in  http://www.drbd.org/docs/more and I did not find 
exactly the answer to my problem:

I have to nodes and somebody (not me!) pulled the connection betweeen both 
nodes. I have a resource r0. The gis of the both nodes A and B are:

On A: 

On B:

In this case I expect a full sync from B to A if I connect both nodes again. 
Is this correct?

The next resource has the following gis:

On node A:

On node B:

Please note that the bitmaps differ exactly by "1".

Can anybody explain me what would happen here, if I connect both DRBDs again? 


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