[DRBD-user] clvm and drbd question

Chris Andrews khris4 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 19:06:54 CEST 2009

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Hello Everyone, 

 I’m about to setup two physical xen server called xen0 & and xen1, both
of this servers will be accessing there vm from two dell 2850 with raid
5 ultra 320 drives on each server. I was wondering what do you guys
think would be the best way to be able to take lvm snapshot of each vm
separately and replication all physical partitions. This are the two
Ideas that came up with lvm first  So I can add more physical drive at
anytime and then have drdb replicate the lv for each vm I create. I
believe this might be the wrong way because I might have 10 vms which
mean I will have 10 drbd replication running. The next Idea is to have
drbd on top lvm and another lvm on top drdb, this should allow to be
able to take snapshot of the individual vm and replicate the all the
partition without having drbd for each vm.

Thank You,

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