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Motoharu Kubo mkubo at 3ware.co.jp
Mon Aug 17 11:50:16 CEST 2009

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Hi Richard,

> What is the address specified in the stacked-on-top-of section?

The good reading is the DRBD Users Guide at www.drbd.org.

There is a figure about concept of three-way replication in PartI
"Introduction to DRBD"

Figure 2.1 "DRBD resource stacking" shows that "stacked-on-top-of" side
(the upper layer) DRBD must runs on top of PRIMARY lower layer DRBD.
Therefore the IP address of "stacked-on-top-of" section should be one of
floating address (virtual address) controlled by cluster manager.

Please also refer to section "Creating a three-node setup" in Part III

I usually use eth1 for lower layer DRBD and eth0 for upper layer DRBD as
well as service.  For example, when using example configuration in Part
III, belongs to eth1.  The eth0 address of alice and bob
would be and, respectively.  My cluster
manager should assign to eth0:0 of active node.

Hope this helps you.

Motoharu Kubo
ThirdWare Inc.

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