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Kavan Smith kavan at linbit.com
Tue Oct 28 01:56:04 CET 2008

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Hi Chris,

> I'm looking into load balancing Xen instances and I really don't want a
> shared san. I'm not really sure if drbd is something that would be
> useful. From what I can gather, drbd only works active/active with
> shared storage? Otherwise one xen instance would need to be passive? 
> I'm just looking for a method for the two instances to synchronize their
> storage as I said I'm not sure if drbd is what I'm looking for.  Any
> thoughts/suggestions?

DRBD can accomplish the data replication in active/active mode utilizing
GFS/OCFS with ease.  Read up on DRBD and GFS:


If I understand you correctly...

I suppose a simple way to accomplish this would be to replicate your Xen
DOMU to your secondary node with a slightly different configuration
(ip/hostname/etc.) and utilize the shared storage for user data on both
nodes.  This of course would not keep your secondary DOMU's operating
system in sync with the primary.

Take a look at csync2 to help keep your configuration files up to date
on your Xen DOMU's.


I'm unclear as to how many physical machines you wish to run this on.
Are you looking to accomplish this task on a total of 2 boxes?


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