[DRBD-user] Node rollback

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Sat Nov 29 01:35:11 CET 2008

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Hello again list

Anyone have a clue? I'm kind of desperate... 1 entire week was gone.


> Hello List
> I'm using a drbd Version: 8.0.12 (api:86) on gentoo kernel 2.6 to sync 2
> nodes. Last week, after a reboot, one node get disconnected and no more
> sync since. Last night, after other reboot, both nodes get connected, and
> the older (1 week) get the primary state, propagating the old data to the
> second node, messing up with all data. My question: Is there a way to roll
> back the data from the first node?
> --discard-my-data was tested with no success.

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