WG: [DRBD-user] Error while compiling on SLES10-ppc

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Tue Nov 11 15:00:14 CET 2008

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On 2008-11-11 14:51, Klaus Jagemann wrote:
>>> We just recently fixed an endianess issue in the code, you have
>>> to wait for 8.0.14 or 8.2.7, which will be released RSN.
> This confuses me a little because I used 8.2.7rc2. Is this working?
> If not, which version would you suggest?
> Actually I am using 8.0.7 which works fine for me but as we are developing HA-scenarios for customers I would prefer a more recent version to prevent problems in the future.

There were a few ppc compile issues that got fixed post-rc2. But you
definitely want to wait for the 8.2.7 release before you put this setup
in production.


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