[DRBD-user] Re: How to contribute to DRBD community?

Azeez Ahamed azeez.ahamed at rediffmail.com
Fri Mar 28 06:45:45 CET 2008

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Re: How to contribute to DRBD community? 
> >   I have been working on DRBD from quite sometime. I am interested in
> > contributing to the DRBD opensource development by fixing bugs or
> > developing the new features. I explored the DRBD website and the mailing
> > list, nothing much information i got on the bugs list access or on the
> > details on the new features development.
>We're always happy to see people getting involved!
> >   Please let me know if anybody knows the procedure/steps that are
> > required to contribute to this community.
>Generally, it boils down to
>1. Do "git clone git://git.drbd.org/drbd-8.2" if you want to contribute new
>features or "git clone git://git.drbd.org/drbd-8.0" if you want to help
>fixing bugs in the stable branch.
>2. Work on the code.
>3. Subscribe to drbd-dev (see http://lists.linbit.com/listinfo/drbd-dev for
>4. Start submitting patches.
>Everything else depends on the quality of your code. :-)
Hello Florain,

    Thanks for allowing me to access the DRBD repository. But, 
i was looking for a bugs list (Bugzilla) where you all maintain the
bugs for the different DRBD builds. If i can have access to such list,
then it would be easy for me to fix the bugs by reproducing it on my
setup and provide a fix for that.

    Please help me on that.

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