[DRBD-user] Notify admin for online verification

Jeffrey Froman drbd.tcijf at olympus.net
Tue Mar 25 19:23:32 CET 2008

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The User's Guide recommends running "drbdadm verify <resource>" as a 
cron job, and doing so certainly sounds like a good idea to me.

In my experience, cron jobs typically provide some output that can be 
mailed to an administrator, either by the command itself writing to 
stdout/stderr, or by use of a wrapper script that examines the 
command's exit code.

I've read through the DRBD User's Guide and the various drbd manual 
pages, but have not found a way to employ either of these methods 
with automated online device verification. Is there such a method 
that I have missed?

If not, are there any recommended strategies for the notification end 
of automating online device verification? I am considering a script 
that starts verification and then periodically checks /proc/drbd to 
see when verification completes, and if there are errors, report them 
via email so that someone can come in and resynchronize the failed 
blocks. I fear I am reinventing an existing tool, however, and would 
appreciate pointers from other drbd users before I proceed.

I am using drbd 8.2.5 on CentOS-4.6

Thank you,

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