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Tue Mar 25 15:55:37 CET 2008

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I'm currently planning to renew my company file server because the architecture
changed and i was wondering if DRBD could be my savior :)

They are currently two sites on my company, geographically different, linked by
vpn over a WAN link.

Details of this project is as follows :

- there will be local access for these two sites, this means that there will need a file
server running on each sites serving files to local users.
- The information must be the same, this means that server_2 must have an exact
copy of files in server_1 and that (close to) real-time replication should occur
when there is a change in a file.
- There should be a mecanism of failover, when server_1, which was down, is up,
it should receive new or modificated files of server_2.
- There is also the bandwith problem, which means that, if possible, the minimum of data
should be transmitted
I googled, and i have not found any good solutions except DRBD.

But do you think that DRBD can be used in this case ?
I think it's a bit special, because i think these servers should not be seen as
one entity (like a cluster), but two independent servers replicating other's

I'm currently searching in the documentation and i found some terms like
"primary-primary nodes" or "floating peers". Do you think that these
configurations can apply in this case ?

I hope i was clear :)

Thanks in advance,

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