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Swetha - swetha_jay87 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Mar 9 12:45:24 CET 2008

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  1.I have a doubt regarding checking the integrity of  a DRBD-0.7 system.
     I followed the steps given in florian's blog, but i face problem in the following
  1. Now you can run your integrity check. Typically this would involve something like doing fsck /dev/drbdnum followed by fsck -f /dev/drbdnum to check the integrity of the file system configured on the device. You may also mount the device and run some application-specific tests. 
  When you have completed checking, stop all applications using the resource. Unmount the device.
  (What am i supposed to mount here?If i give mount /dev/drbd0 or mount /export, it gives an error as "no entry in /etc/fstab and "/mtab". What is the actual problem, kindly tell me) 
  2. In /proc/drbd, you should now be able to observe that the device changes its connection state to SyncTarget, and that it is synchronizing with the online node again. Any changes you made on the offline node while it was Primary are discarded in the process, and any changes made to the online node during the connection interruption propagate. 
  (It does not show cs : SyncTarget and the above phenomena does not occur in primary and secondary(as mentioned in above paragraph))
     Kindly tell me what the problem is?
  2.I followed the steps that is given in florian's blog to upgrade DRBD-0.7.21 to DRBD-8.2.5.
     But it didnt work out.
     Can anyone please send me the full steps (from the beginning) to upgrade the system from DRBD-0.7.21 to DRBD-8.2.5?I want the /etc/drbd.conf file and the steps u guys followed while u upgraded your system. PLEASE.......PLEASE.....IT IS AN URGENT
  Kindly mail me by tommorow regarding this sir

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