[DRBD-user] 10Gb ethernet ?

Lee Christie Lee at titaninternet.co.uk
Thu Jun 19 14:03:11 CEST 2008

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> But you have tested the raid-0 doing a lot more?

Around 300-400MB/s if I recall...

> Do you have tested both nodes with iperf?


> This card have a problem, it's not fault tolerant, and that it's one 
> advantage to Quad NIC Gbit Ethernet.

This may provoke a strong reaction ;) but in 8 years of running a
hosting company I've never seen a NIC break in a running server. We use
multiple adapters to give fault tolerance over the switches they are
connected to , not themselves.

In any event, I'm no expert on channel bonding, but in a 2-server
configuration, where the Ips and MAC addresses are fixed at either end,
how can you use all 4 channels ? I was always under the impression that
the bonding used an algorithm based on src/dest IP/Mac to choose which
link to send data down, so in a point to point config it would always be
the same link. 

We're using 2 nodes that have normal Gb-e to multiple switches using
LACP for resilience, but the drbd and heartbeat will be done over the
10Gb-e adapters, no switches just point to point fiber.

> With one Gbit ethernet, you should get about 120MB/sec, at 
> least i get it. You are mostly doing one Gbit.

Bursts to over 200MB/s is well above Gig-e. Although yes, my average
transfer is not much above Gig-e.


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