[DRBD-user] Petition to the developers

Carlos Xavier cbastos at connection.com.br
Thu Jan 31 18:26:10 CET 2008

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I see DRBD is well prepared to make .rpm and .deb packages,  but is not so easy to create packages for other distributions.

In order to make easier tthe building of packages for distributions with another format, it would be nice if we had another variable added to the Makefiles, so as we can change the default instalattion path.
This way we could have $PREFIX to define the real instalattion path and another variable like $DESTDIR as alternative install directory.

As a sample of what would have to be modified, i took a excerpt of the usrer/Makefile.

Instead of having:

install -m 755 drbdsetup $(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;              \
install -m 755 drbdmeta $(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;               \
install -m 755 drbdadm $(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;                \

we would have:

install -m 755 drbdsetup $DESTDIR$(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;              \
install -m 755 drbdmeta $DESTDIR$(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;               \
install -m 755 drbdadm $DESTDIR$(PREFIX)/sbin/ ;                \

then we could install the package this way:

make install DESTDIR=/tmp/package-drbd

At the end we could have the entire tree below the alternative path, making the package creation task more simple.

Best Regards,
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