[DRBD-user] is LVM cluster-aware?

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Fri Jan 25 10:18:18 CET 2008

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On Thursday 24 January 2008 17:22:02 Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Is LVM cluster-aware? 

Yes it is if you use RHEL Cluster Suite, but that depends what you mean 
by "cluster aware".

You can, using RHEL, configure LVM on GFS on one node, and all the other 
cluster members will see the changes immediatly. (It works very nicely 

> Of course it's not, but... Will I loose data if I 
> have a LVM physical volume replicated on two machines with DRBD (two
> primaries), and I want to access two separate logical volumes on
> different machines?
> Machine_1
>           \            /--Logical_volume_1
>            DRBD-LVM2-PV
>           /            \--Logical_volume_2
> Machine_2
> On Machine_1 I only want to read/write to Logical_volume_1.
> On Machine_2 I only want to read/write to Logical_volume_2.
> I don't want to add/remove/rename/resize/etc. any volumes - just access
> them on separate machines.
> Perhaps the answer is: yes, you will loose your data, but I wanted to be
> sure ;)
> Are there any workarounds to that (with just two volumes it's simple -
> don't use LVM; but let's suppose there are many logical volumes)?

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