[DRBD-user] disconnecting hangs after ko-count failure

Walter Haidinger walter.haidinger at gmx.at
Tue Jan 22 18:01:12 CET 2008

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> >     timeout       100;    # < (connect-int|ping-int), (unit = 0.1
> seconds)
> >     connect-int   30;    # (unit = 1 second)
> >     ping-int      60;    # (unit = 1 second)
> >     ping-timeout  50;    # (unit = 0.1 seconds)
> interessting timout settings, but drbd over openvpn over 11MBit WLAN
> is strange enough in itself, so if it works for you...

I just wanted to make sure that there are no timeouts for drbd due to network latency. The values are rather conservative, obviously.

> >     max-buffers         256;
> I seriously recommend a much higher setting here.  do at least 2000.
> high latency "flaky" network with low max-buffers setting...
> may even be the root cause of the symptoms you are seeing.

The man page says to increase max-buffers for high performance. 11 Mbit WLAN is rather low-performance so I figured that a small max-buffers value won't hurt. I'd call the man page a bit misleading here! ;-)

Have set it to 2048 now and will retry.

Thanks for your hints.

Regards, Walter
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