[DRBD-user] New install problem, nothing comes up

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Tue Jan 22 10:48:33 CET 2008

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On Monday 21 January 2008 15:16:51 Rob Morin wrote:
> I am not sure what you mean, i do not use VMware...

I just assumed, since your ha.cf talks of a VMware server host used as a ping 
node... you might want to reconsider your ping node selection then. Use your 
core switch, your default router, any address you _always_ expect to be 
reachable. Not a server.

> i have 2 machines, Stewie(Primary) and Megs(Secondary)

Stick with stewie and megs. Primary and Secondary are roles that are 
completely interchangeable.

> These servers run on Debian Etch... I have 2 servers set up in a lab
> environment for testing before i install on production systems.
> I am using a Serial cable between the two for the heartbeat, and using
> GigE for the other NIC, for regular communication and the replication...
> I added the baud rate option as per the blog you mentioned to me.

Before you move to production, I hope you stick another NIC in each of these 
servers, dedicated for replication.

And, ONLY using a serial link for heartbeat is generally a very bad idea. You 
should think of serial links only as your backup links in addition to a 
network based link (i.e. mcast or bcast).

> I can ping and ssh to either of these 2 servers,,, i am using
> as my test C class..
> This morning however i think i go it working as i added the baudrate to
> ha.cf and and put back heartbeat to start via regular rc.d start after
> boot.
> However i have a question(s)
> With a 2 node configuration what should be the proper procedure for
> rebooting the Primary and or secondary?

What, with Heartbeat and DRBD correctly configured? How about 
typing "reboot"? :-)

> Once a reboot has occurred, what amount of time should it take  for the
> primary to mount the files system and start the services? Is there a way
> to calculate based on my ha.cf file?

Look, say you reboot stewie. While you gracefully reboot, megs becomes Primary 
(Heartbeat will take of that). So by the time stewie is back online, megs 
will have mounted filesystems and started services for the longest time.


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