[DRBD-user] drbd r0 fails to start (drbd newbie)

thomas62186218 at aol.com thomas62186218 at aol.com
Mon Jan 14 03:41:54 CET 2008

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Hi all,

I am a new user of drbd 8.0.4 on SLES 10 SP1 with EVMS 2.5.5, and I am 
running into what is probably a basic issue but I am missing what the 
cause might be:

[root@ ~]# /etc/init.d/drbd start
Starting DRBD resources:    [ d0 Failure: (114) Lower device is already 
claimed. This usually means it is mounted.

cmd /sbin/drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 disk /dev/evms/pool1vol1 
/dev/evms/pool1vol1 internal --set-defaults --create-device  failed - 

n0 ].

Here is my drbd.conf. Thank you in advance for any guidance!

[root@ /etc]# cat drbd.conf
skip {
  As you can see, you can also comment chunks of text
  with a 'skip[optional nonsense]{ skipped text }' section.
  This comes in handy, if you just want to comment out
  some 'resource <some name> {...}' section:
  just precede it with 'skip'.

  The basic format of option assignment is
  <option name><linear whitespace><value>;

  It should be obvious from the examples below,
  but if you really care to know the details:

  <option name> :=
        valid options in the respective scope
  <value>  := <num>|<string>|<choice>|...
              depending on the set of allowed values
              for the respective option.
  <num>    := [0-9]+, sometimes with an optional suffix of K,M,G
  <string> := (<name>|\"([^\"\\\n]*|\\.)*\")+
  <name>   := [/_.A-Za-z0-9-]+

global {
        minor-count 254;
        dialog-refresh 1; # 5 seconds
        usage-count no;
resource r0 {
        protocol C;
        handlers {
                 #pri-on-incon-degr "echo 'Node is primary, degraded and 
has incosistent data' ";
                 #pri-lost-after-sb "echo 'node is currently primary, 
but lost the after spllit brain auto recovery procedure' ";
                 #outdate-peer "/usr/lib/drbd/outdate-peer.sh on 
.orionfirst on orionsecond.";
        startup {
                wfc-timeout     1;
        disk {
        net {
                timeout 60;
                connect-int     10;
                ping-int        10;
                after-sb-1pri   disconnect;
        syncer {
                rate    10M;
                al-extents      257;

        on .orionfirst {
                device      /dev/drbd0;
                disk        /dev/evms/pool1vol1;
                meta-disk   internal;

        on orionsecond. {
                device      /dev/drbd0;
                disk        /dev/evms/pool1vol1b;
                meta-disk   internal;

Thanks again!

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