[DRBD-user] Re: Upgrade from 0.7.25 to 8.0.8 fails during create-md

Jeffrey goris jeff.goris at whiterabbit.com.au
Tue Feb 5 02:13:40 CET 2008

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> > Thanks for the info Florian. I've successfully upgraded to DRBD 8.2.4
> > without a hitch.
> Good to hear! While you're at it, you can go ahead and run an online 
> verification. See 
> http://blogs.linbit.com/florian/2008/01/11/drbd-824-released/ for details.
> Cheers,
> Florian

As it happens, I did have good reason to use the online verify and it all
appeared to work fine. However, the secondary node had a kernel oops after the
online verify finished. I'll create a new post about this issue.


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