[DRBD-user] Same configuration across 3-node cluster

Casey Allen Shobe cshobe at bepress.com
Sat Aug 23 01:02:57 CEST 2008

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On Aug 22, 2008, at 12:14 AM, Andrew McGill wrote:
> This error occurs even when trying to bring up other resources that  
> are
> present for the host.  It looks like things work quite nicely with a  
> custom
> drbd.conf for each site which simply excludes resources that are  
> irrelevant
> to the current host.
> Is there an option to make this work - using a single config file?   
> Should I
> even be trying this?

I believe this answers your question:

On Aug 22, 2008, at 9:54 AM, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> though you cannot have the same drbd.conf onm all nodes now,
> due to too much paranoia on my part...

That said, I think that this is not too much paranoia, I think it is  
proper design.  What I feel would be better is for drbd.conf to  
support an include directive.  Then you could put each resource into  
it's own include file in a directory, and these would be common across  
all nodes.  The main drbd.conf on each host would have two include  
directives each for the appropriate resources.  If you thought you  
might change the common part and want to ensure it is synchronous  
easier, you could move that into a separate common include file as  
well.  So it might come out looking like this:

host A drbd.conf:

include drbd.d/common.conf
include drbd.d/resource1.conf
include drbd.d/resource2.conf

host B drbd.conf:

include drbd.d/common.conf
include drbd.d/resource1.conf
include drbd.d/resource3.conf

host C drbd.conf:

include drbd.d/common.conf
include drbd.d/resource2.conf
include drbd.d/resource3.conf

And then drbd.d could be kept identical between all servers and  
updated as necessary.

Lars, what do you think of this idea?

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