[DRBD-user] VolGroups dissapeared

James Wilson jwilson at transolutions.net
Thu Sep 13 15:06:25 CEST 2007

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Yesterday I was testing failover with rhcs5 and drbd. To test failover I 
simply unplugged the network cable from the server. The IP failed over 
like it was supposed and all the data was still there also. But when I 
brought the other server back on line it came up in a Secondary/Unknown 
state and when I did an lvscan the logical volume wasn't there anymore. 
So I tried setting the server to drbdadm primary all and activating the 
volume group "vgchange -a y VolGroup02". Still no logical volume. Which 
was ok because I still had the volume on the other server because of 
failover. Well the other server was still reading Primary/Unknown also. 
So I tried bringing drbd down and back up by unmounting and drbdadm down 
all. Then I reset the services and brought everything back up. Both 
server were still reading Secondar/Unknown but now the logical volume on 
the failover server was gone also. Has this happend to any one? Did I 
configure something wrong the servers were set for Primary/Primary and 
running a gfs2 file system.

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