[DRBD-user] Data loss on drbd 0.7

philippe philippe.annonce at free.fr
Wed Sep 12 20:07:23 CEST 2007

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> no.
> the error/mistake happened [A].
> you should not go online with outdated data.
> with DRBD 8,
> at [B] we are able to detect diverging data sets,
> bable about "split brain detected" and refuse to connect,
> (or do whatever you configured it to do, e.g. automatically throw away
> one of the data sets and resync anyways)
> still, even if it had refused to connect,
> you'd need to then sort out the divergence.

Thank for your response, I will try drbd 8.
Split brain is safer in my case because I'm sure I have at least one
copy which is good
(Yes I know don't forget to backup everything)


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