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If I understand your question properly:
you want DB2 to be running one one server
When that server fails, you want DB2 to run on the  second computer

I did something similar with MySQL -
I used Heartbeat to float an additional IP with the mysql instance. If
Hearbeat sees the Mysql fail on one machine, it starts it up on the second
node and migrates the IP with it. Both nodes are configured to connect to
this floating IP.

On 9/7/07, Stefano Cislaghi <S.Cislaghi at inet.it> wrote:
>  Hello,
> I'm following DRBD whitepapers on clustering DB2. I've a question, I now
> not directed related to drbd, but when you have db2, you make db2 start and
> stop using virtual IP/hostname on cluster?
> because I've move a standalone node as primary node on cluster. But when
> cluster switch to secondary node, db2 is not able to start because looks at
> IP/hostname of first node.
> I've recatalog admin node using virtual IP. But is not enought. I'm
> posting here as IBM db2 forums don't give me any answers...
> Thanks
> Ste
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