[DRBD-user] Clustering DB2

Stefano Cislaghi S.Cislaghi at inet.it
Fri Sep 7 11:28:22 CEST 2007

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I'm following DRBD whitepapers on clustering DB2. I've a question, I now
not directed related to drbd, but when you have db2, you make db2 start
and stop using virtual IP/hostname on cluster?
because I've move a standalone node as primary node on cluster. But when
cluster switch to secondary node, db2 is not able to start because looks
at IP/hostname of first node. 
I've recatalog admin node using virtual IP. But is not enought. I'm
posting here as IBM db2 forums don't give me any answers...
Stefano Cislaghi
Sistemista - Tivoli Engineer
Technical Offer Deployment
I.Net spa
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