[DRBD-user] Re: drbd 0.6.12 and 0.6.7: Epoch set size wrong!! tl messed up! transferlog too small!!

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Sun Nov 25 14:28:23 CET 2007

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> >heartbeat is monitoring?  are you sure?
> Without a doubt.
> >you mean you use heartbeat 2, with drbd 0.6,
> >on a red hat 7.3?
> No,
> heartbeat-

gee, now, heartbeat 0.4.9 something,
that is prehistoric.  as is drbd 0.6.7, btw.
and it definetely does not do *resource* monitoring.

> To get failover to the other PostgreSQL box.

just curious: which postgres version could that be?

note, I think to be conservative is a virtue for an HA admin.
but one can overdo things there :)

> Thank you for that.  I'll switch all our legacy drbd systems to
> protocol C.  Does this refer only to the network, or is the data on
> the drbd device itself required to be different?  I mean, can I just
> change the protocal and restart, or do I need to do much more?

no, that will do.

> >I'd recommend to upgrade to drbd 8,
> >and probably upgrade the rest of the system as well.
> >
> >unless you are locked in for some obscure reason.
> >though, you should not be, this is the OSS world...
> Locked in by lack of time :-)  We automate everything, and testing the
> automation, effect of new PostgreSQL, apache, mod_perl, etc., is time
> consuming.

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