[DRBD-user] Migration metadata from 0.7.x to 8.x.x fail with "Magic number not found"

Francis SOUYRI francis.souyri at apec.fr
Thu Nov 15 08:45:41 CET 2007

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Hello Florian,

    I do not remove the comments because I am not the only engineer that 
manipulate the cluster and unfortunately the others do not "know" Drbd 
so the comments may help us.

In attachment you have a new config file, but actually I can not validate.

I want a "no limit" syncer parameter, so in drbd "no limit" = max = 
700MB/s no ?
My network dedicated to drbd is 2x1Gb/s this is less than 700MB/s okay 
but I can use 2x10Gb/s link (approx 2500MB/s) and a BIG backend.

I have the same problem with the 8.2.1, the 0.7.x see the metadata but 
the 8.2.x no... in attachment you have the output.

Best regards.


Florian Haas wrote:
> Francis,
> in case you're wondering why this list is being quiet about your issue, let me
> guess it's a least partly because you haven't exactly made it easy for us to
> even understand what's going on.
> To illustrate, only to glean the differences between your 0.7.24 and your
> 8.2.0 config, I had to do this:
> unzip drbd.conf.zip
> for ver in 0.7.24 8.2.0; do
>   # strip comments, empty lines
>   grep -Ev "(^[[:space:]]*#)|(^$)" drbd.conf.$ver > drbd.conf.$ver.clean
> done
> diff --side-by-side drbd.conf.0.7.24.clean drbd.conf.8.2.0.clean | less
> OK, Lars probably has a way shorter regexp for that grep, but you get the
> picture. :-) But even after running it through that cruft, I'm having real
> difficulty reading your config because your protocol option, and your disk,
> handlers, syncer, startup, and net sections are configured on the resource
> level -- and appear to be _exactly_ the same for every single resource.
> You really need to set all of that once in the "common" section rather than
> per resource; it will make your config a lot less verbose and much easier to
> read. And everyone on this list is more likely to scan through 130 lines of
> plain text config than through 677 hidden away in a zip archive, hint
> hint. :-)
> At first glance I can see that your syncer rate is way off at 700MB/s. I
> highly doubt that your network is even coming close to that throughput. But
> that's unrelated to the metadata conversion issue you appear to be having.
> So, two suggestions:
> - Skip 8.2.0 and go straight to 8.2.1. This is because of the nasty null
> pointer dereference bug we had in 8.2.0 due to a change in the kernel crypto
> API.
> - Fix your config. Use the common section as intended, remove the "skip {}"
> section included in the default config for illustrative purposes, remove
> empty lines and comments, and re-post if your issue persists on 8.2.1.
> Cheers,
> Florian
> On Tuesday 13 November 2007 08:26:43 Francis SOUYRI wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     Lars, Phillip, Florian, do you have an idea why the 0.7.x find the
>> metadata magic number of the resource and the 8.2.x do not ?
>> Best regards.
>> Francis
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